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Registration of Shop & Establishment ( FORM I [See rule 3,Statement under section 3(1) ] )

Labour & Employment Department
Procedure to Apply

1. Register yourself on and login.
2. Fill in the application form.
3. Attach relevant documents.
4. Submit the application and note the acknowledgement no. for application tracking.

Processing time:    Seven days (Right of Citizens to Time-bound Delivery of Public Services Act)

Documents required

1. Trade Licence/NOC from Panchayat (not provisional.Provisional NOC will not be entertained)/ Self Declaration by employer on stamp paper
2. Premise Document (House Tax copy or Lease Agreement or Sale Deed or Gift Deed or NOC from land owner (On Rs. 50 Stamp paper, notarised)
3.Identity Proof (PAN card,Driving License,Aadhar card,Passport copy, etc;)
4. Partnership Deed(In case of Partnership firm) and Registration certificate from Registrar of Firms
5. Memorandum / Article of Association (In case of Private Limited company) and Registration Certificate from Registrar of Companies along with list of Board of Directors
6. Authority Letter for signature on application (In case of Private Limited company)
7. Food and Drug Licence copy (In case of hotel, restaurant eating joints etc.)
8. Excise Licence copy (In case of Bar and restaurant)
9. Licence from mining department / Licence from tourism department (In case of sand materials)
10. RBI authority letter (In case of money exchange)
11. Form XXV (Notice of Shops/Establishment)
12. Form XXIV (Notice of close day or a change in close day)
13. Form XXVIII (List of holidays)

Designated officials

Designated officer : Labour Inspector

Appellate authority : Labour Commissioner

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