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Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services Department

The Small Animal Rescue Management Scheme

Procedure to Apply

1. Register as an oraganisation on to apply.
2. Go to the section of Animal Husbandry Department.
3. Click on The Goa Small Animal Rescue Management Scheme.
4. Fill in the required details.
5. Attach relevent documents (Please refer the Documents required section for more details).
6. Submit the application and note the acknowledgement no. for application tracking.

Documents required

1.Registration certificate under appropriate authority.
2.MOU between 2 parties.
3. NOC from statutory authority.
4.Ownership document of the premises/lease deed document of the premises for minimum 10 years or above
5.Notarized Affidavit.
6.In case of Grants for Infrastructure, Form I & XIV of land and NOC from Statutory Authority is required.

Designated officials

Designated officer : Dy. Director

Appellate authority : Director

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