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Registration of commercial Tree plantation on private land

Forest Department
Procedure to Apply

1. Register on by providing email id, mobile no, name, address and date of birth along with OTP authentication.
2. On successful registration, login using credentials and click on Services Menu --> All Services --> Forest --> Application for grant of permission for Trekking/ organizing nature camp/ other activities.
3. Enter mandatory fields such as first Name, street locality, pincode, Mobile No.,E-Mail, year of plantation, plantation address and area , species to be planted etc.
4. Click on the submit button to submit form.
5. Once the application is authorized (approved/rejected), the status will be communicated via SMS/EMail.
6. Upon receipt of the Approval status, download the Certificate of permission grant by clicking download link from the dashboard.

Documents required

1.Copy of Form I & XIV
2.Consent letter of each owner if the owner is more than one as per Form I & XIV.
3.Sale deed/Inventory proceedings/Gift deed/Lease Agreement
4.Boundary Certificate indicating names of adjoining Land owners and the Survey Nos.
5.Survey Plan issued by Inspector of Survey and Land Records department..
6.Undertaking of the land owner stating that:-
a)Plantation area does not comprise of any Govt. forest, (Reserve Forest /Protected Forest / Un classed Forest), Wild life Sanctuary, National Park, Private Forest.
b)He/she will hold the tree plantation for minimum five years and will update the status of plantation every year, in the manner as prescribed by the Tree officer.
c)He / She to solemnly affirm and declare that He / She shall be solely responsible and answerable for any claim and litigation, if any that may arise at any time in future regarding the ownership/ occupancy of the said property of the forest produce from the said property.
d)That he/she does not have any obligation to carry out any stipulated plantation against any felling permission received in the past from the Tree officer in the same commercial plantation site.

Designated officials

Designated officer : Asst. Principal chief Conservator of Forests

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