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Industries,Trade & Commerce Department

Registration under The Goa State Incentives To Encourage Investments Scheme-Umbrella Scheme

Procedure to Apply

1. Register yourself on and login.
2. Fill in the application form.
3. Attach relevant documents.
4. Submit the application and note the acknowledgement no. for application tracking.

Documents required

1. Proof of Unit Registration.
2. Affidavit.
3. Chartered Accountant certificate to support cumulative capital investment, previous benefits availed and details of substantial expansion.
4. Copy of aadhaar card
5. Proof of stake holding of SC/ST women partner/promoter (in case of seeking additional benefit under these categories)
6. Self attested copy of SC/ST certificate issued by the competent authority (if applicable)
7. Hinterland Registration Certificate (If applicable).

Designated officials

Designated officer : Director

Appellate authority : Secretary(Industries)