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Application for Registration/Renewal for Travel Agent

Tourism Department
Procedure to Apply

1. Register on by providing email id, mobile no, name, address and date of birth along with OTP authentication.
2. On successful registration, login using credentials and click on Services Menu --> All Services --> Tourism -->Application for Registration/Renewal of Travel Agent.
3. Select any one of the option either New or Renewal.
4. Enter the details and upload necessary documents.
5. Click on submit application button. The application shall be submitted to the Department.
6. Kindly note the acknowledgement no. for tracking the status of your application.
7. Note. All documents should be self attested by the applicant.

Processing time:    Thirty days (Right of Citizens to Time-bound Delivery of Public Services Act)

Documents required

1.Municipal /Panchayat license or trade tax receipt.
2.Particulars of services to be provided to tourists.
3.Copy of income tax filled for last financial year.
4.Certificate of Incorporation from Registrar of Companies (If applicable)
5.Goods and Services Tax registration certificate (If applicable)
6.A copy of lease agreeement of the premises(incase premises are leased).
7.Ownership Documents (in case premises is owened).
8.Authority letter from other transport office /travel agents IATA for booking seats on their behalf. (in case providing airlines bookings)
9.Balance sheet and profit & loss statement pertainning to the travel business, as prescribed under the company law (if applicable).
10.Travel agent licence issued by Directorate of transport(if applicable).

Designated officials

Designated officer : Dy. Director(Trade)

Appellate authority : Dy. Director(Trade)