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1) What is Goa Online Portal?

Goa Online is the Government of Goa's service delivery portal, providing citizens with a single-window access to diverse government services. Citizen can login and apply for a service through this portal. The application will be processed by respective designated officials of the department. If the application is approved and the certificate/license is issued, the same can be downloaded through applicant’s inbox

2) What type of services are hosted on Goa Online portal?

Goa Online provide various e-Governance services to citizens, businesses, and government departments. These services often include: Utility Bill Payment: Payment facilities for electricity, water, and other utility bills. Government Forms and Applications: Online submission of various government forms and applications such as income certificates, domicile certificates, birth certificates, etc. Online Permit and License: Application and renewal processes for permits and licenses required for businesses. Online Grievance Redressal: Platform for citizens to register and track grievances. Edu-Governance Services: Facilities related to admission processes. Healthcare Services: Renewal of health card and access to other healthcare facilities.

3) How to Register on Goa Online Portal?

You can register on Goa Online Portal by clicking on the Register button provided at the top right corner of the Goa Online Portal. Enter your Email Id, Mobile Number and the Captcha Code. Followed by an OTP received on your mobile number. Enter other details - Your Name, DOB, Gender, Country, State, Address, Village, Taluka, Pincode, Password --> Click on Register/SignUp. Tutorial

4) How to Login on Goa Online Portal?

You can Login on Goa Online Portal by clicking on the Login/Register button provided at the top right corner of the Goa Online Portal. Enter your Email Id/ User Name / Registered Mobile Number and Password followed by Captcha. You can also Login on Goa Online portal with OTP by selecting Login with OTP option. Enter your mobile number followed by the captcha code and the OTP you receive on mobile number. Tutorial

5) How to avail services on Goa Online Portal?

To access various application services through the Goa Online portal, user needs to register themselves on the Goa Online portal. Then, the users can access all the services across departments.

6) How to track application status of Goa Online Portal?

Login on Goa Online --> On the home page, click on Tracking and Select Track Status. Enter the department name --> Select the service --> Enter Acknowledgement number followed by the Captcha code and Click on Search Button. Tutorial

7) What are CSC’s and VLE’s?

CSC is a single window interface that provides Government Services to the citizen at large in a time bound manner. These CSCs cater to all online/ offline citizen services provided by various Government Departments. The major benefits of CSCs are that it provides single window counter to avail the services and citizen need not visit government offices. CSCs provide status updates of the application via SMS. VLEs, or Village Level Entrepreneurs, who deliver various government services to the end consumers through CSCs.

8) How to Comply the application on Goa Online Portal?

You can Login on Goa Online Portal and locate the marked application. Review the details of the application and ensure accuracy and completeness. Check if any additional documents are to be uploaded and upload the same. Complete compliance by submitting the application. Tutorial

9) How to know which documents are required?

Document list is provided for each service. When the service is selected, list of documents can be viewed by clicking on Documents required.

10) Is it necessary to visit other apps, web portals, or websites to avail of these services?

On Goa Online, user can conveniently choose their desired service and submit their applications directly.The portal subsequently forwards the application to the respective department for processing. If the service is hosted on other portals and is available on Goa Online then you will be directed to the respective site and after submitting required information, your application will be processed thereon by respective department.

11) Can I access Goa Online Portal on Mobile?

Yes, the portal is mobile friendly.

12) What if I don’t register on Goa Online Portal?

Registration is mandatory for services related to any schemes. Hence, if you do not register on Goa Online Portal, you will not be able to login and avail services. However utility services like Electricity bill payment, Water bill payment(PWD), Loan Repayment (EDC) etc are available.

13) How to create Organisation Profile on Goa Online Portal?

Login on Goa Online --> Click on Profile --> Under Organisation profile you can create your business profile. Tutorial

14) Where will I be able to see my applications?

Personal applications will be available under “User Home” tab whereas Organizational applications will be available under “Business Home” tab.

15) How can I find different services on Goa Online Portal?

You can access for different services on the Goa Online Portal when you login. The services here are listed department wise.

16) Does the Goa Online Portal store any Financial transaction details?

No. Goa Online Portal does not store any Financial transaction details.

17) How to do bill payments on Goa Online Portal?

You can click on Services tab --> Click on Payment Services and choose the desired payment service to avail the same.

18) What is the helpline number and email id for Goa Online portal?

The helpline number is 91-8882988000 and email id is - You can call on the helpline number anytime between 9.45 am. to 5.30 pm.

19) How to reset password on Goa Online?

To reset password, click on Forgot Password on the GoaOnline Portal. Password Reset can be done by either selecting - Generate OTP or Send Password Reset Link a) Generate OTP Enter the Registered Mobile Number followed by the Captcha code and Click on Generate OTP. Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and click on Submit OTP. Enter new password followed by captcha code and click on Set New Password. b) Send Password Reset Link, below process to be followed: Enter the captcha code and you will receive the link to reset your password on your registered email id. Click on the link received on your email id from services.goa Enter your new password and the captcha code and click on Set New Password.

20) How to update your personal details on Goa Online?

Login to Goa Online Portal --> Select User Profile. You can update the details and then click on Update button.

21) How to update the details of Organisation profile on Goa Online?

Login to Goa Online Portal --> Select Organisation Profile --> Click on Edit/View unit Details button --> Select the changes you want to make --> Click on Edit --> Update the details and click on Update button.

22) How does the applicant get notified when the application is submitted?

The applicant is notified via an email as well as SMS for the following cases- A)Application Submit B)Payment Status C)Application marked for compliance D)Application Issued E)Application Reject

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